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What is Ticket Into Precision Manufacturing?

SLO Partners’ Ticket Into Precision Manufacturing apprenticeship program is designed to help hands-on problem solvers enter a new career path through an accelerated training bootcamp, connections to growing companies, and post-hire support.

Precision Manufacturing Is Growing

Projected unfilled skilled jobs by 2028
Average time it takes a company to fill a skilled position now
Average starting salary of precision manufacturing technician
Average salary of manufacturing production workers

How the program works

1. Submit for more info

We’ll send you more details and invite you to attend an info session to learn more about the program

2. Attend an info session

Tour one of our employer partner’s facilities, learn about the tinkerer to technician 8 week bootcamp, and 1 year paid apprenticeship opportunity. You’ll learn all about how you can jump start your career in precision manufacturing.

3. Apply

Fill in the application form, then we’ll invite you to an interview. This will help us get to know you a little bit, and make sure you’d be a good fit in this program.

4. Pay Refundable Fee

Pay $199 program fee, which is 100% refunded upon successful completion of the tinkerer into technician 8 week bootcamp


5. Accept and Attend Bootcamp

If you pass the interview, we’ll invite you to attend the 8 week tinkerer to technician bootcamp! We promise, it will be a life-changing experience.

6. Apprenticeship

You’ll have the opportunity to interview for a paid apprenticeship with one of our hiring partners… which includes companies like Trust Automation, Accuair, and Revasum

Our Employer Partners

We’ve helped dozens of students land their dream drops in SLO.

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Why was this program created?

In 7 years, the major private employer that contributes nearly a billion dollars to the county’s economy, the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, will be closing. We must start today to create a more skilled workforce to enable economic growth in higher paying jobs in San Luis Obispo county. The purpose of the SLO Partners apprenticeship program is to create a career path and not just a job. We “screen for attitude and train for the aptitude”.

What type of students are you looking for?

Our primary focus is students with a great attitude and an openness to learn new skills. We don’t require existing tech or mechanical skills. Targeted students range from recent high school graduates hoping to find a well paying career without taking on student loan debt, Community College students looking to add to the skills they’ve learned and find a career that can grow with them, community members wanting to stay in SLO but needing a different career path to land a job here, to mom’s wanting to re-enter the workforce to veterans.

Why should I join a Precision Manufacturing Apprenticeship?

      • If you are someone who enjoys working in a team, working with your hands, and learning new skills, the SLO Partners Ticket Into Precision Manufacturing offers an opportunity to enter a career path with potential to earn head of household income, right here on the Central Coast.
      • The local precision manufacturing industry is growing rapidly, and in desperate need of motivated-talented individuals to help them grow.
      • The SLO Partners program provides the foundational training these employers are looking for, and creates connections between our bootcamp graduates and the precision manufacturing business community.
      • We’ve helped dozens of local community members levelup their skills and find a new, well paying career path.

How do I apply? What are the next steps?

Simply enter your contact information below, and we will send you an email with more information. The next step is to attend either an in-person or web-based info session, to learn more about the program and ask any questions you may have. After that, you’ll submit a full application, participate in a phone interview, then be told whether you’re accepted to the Tinkerer to Technician Bootcamp, starting in early July.

When does the next apprenticeship program start?

The next Tinkerer to Technician Precision Manufacturing bootcamp will begin at the beginning of July, it will run for 8 weeks, and will be held in the evenings Mon-Thurs in San Luis Obispo. Specific dates and schedule to be determined.

What are the three phases of the Ticket Into Tech program?

      • Phase 1: “Bootcamp Prep” – In this phase a large number of people are exposed to the key curriculum (mechanical skills and precision manufacturing concepts) and from the group taking part in the pre-apprenticeship classes a smaller group will be chosen to proceed to phase 2,
      • Phase 2: “Bootcamp” – In this phase additional coursework is provided that enable the apprentice to have the core skills required to proceed to phase 3 and begin their work experience.
      • Phase 3: “Apprenticeship” – 1 year of paid on-the-job training with a local employer. Introductions to companies and interviews begin after coursework is complete and paid “on-the-job-training” begins when hired by employer.

What will I learn in Tinkerer to Technician Bootcamp training?

          • Blueprint Reading
          • Precision Measuring Tools
          • Lean Manufacturing Principles
          • Full lifecycle of production and assembly of a precision manufacturing project

What is the cost of the program?

There is a $199 program fee, which will be refunded in full upon completion of the Bootcamp program with at least 95% attendance.

What is the wage of a precision manufacturing technician?

Typical starting wages range from $14-$18/hr on the Central Coast, but most provide opportunities for overtime, allowing you to earn even more. And average salaries for experienced manufacturing production workers in the U.S. is between $50K-$60K/year.

What types of companies can I expect to work for during the apprenticeship phase?

SLO Partners has relationships with dozens of rapidly growing technology and precision manufacturing companies in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. Following successful graduation from the TInkerer to Technician bootcamp, we will provide introductions and create opportunities for interviews with our partner companies.

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